Property Management

Our Services

  • Rent Appraisals – We have local knowledge of supply and demand in your area and have all the right tools to compare your property to others.
  • Tenants Background Check – We take over the job of finding tenants, arranging public viewings, checking applications and conducting background checks of prospective tenants.
  • Rent Reviews – We will monitor your property’s rent and keep you informed of market changes. We will manage fixed or CPI increases and market reviews on options for commercial assets.
  • Routine Inspections – We give thorough inspection reports on your property and advice regarding maintenance and improvements. We can also manage compliance issues such as Annual Fire Safety Returns, OSHA reports, Energy Efficiency Ratings, among others.
  • Accounting – We have up to date and effective accounting systems in place. We will manage arrears twice per week, account for statutory and usage outgoings, ensure cost recovery from tenants, account for insurance, repairs and maintenance, supply end of month statements and accurate copies of invoices relating to your property.
  • Maintaining A Professional Relationship  – It is not uncommon for issues to arise between landlords and tenants. Disputes can result in late or unpaid rent. We serve as professional intermediaries to settle such situations and ensure that rent payment and property maintenance is affected in in the least possible way. We have extensive experience in legal tribunal matters should this arise.
  • Legal Knowledge – Residential & Commercial Tenancies Act and the Retail Leasing Act.  We will be able to advise you of your rights and the rights of your tenants.